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About Kāpiti
Air Urban

Kāpiti has a unique opportunity to create an innovative asset that fosters wellbeing and prosperity for our region, for generations to come. 


We want to hear your thoughts on our vision.

Kāpiti Air Urban is a collective of local community members, businesses, pilots, and airport users who envision a brighter future for Kāpiti Airport and the surrounding land than a high-density housing development. Our core focus is on the ongoing wellbeing and prosperity of our community. 


Originally known as Save Kāpiti Airport, our work extends far beyond simply keeping the airport and resuming with the status quo. ‘Kāpiti Air Urban’ is a more accurate reflection of our multi-faceted vision for sustainable development that benefits our whole region. 


We are proposing a future-focused mixed use model that will enable the airport to reach its full potential while enriching the area with thoughtfully designed housing, community spaces, infrastructure, education and employment opportunities.


Kāpiti Airport and the surrounding land have untapped potential, and present unique opportunities to bring places and spaces to life that benefit our people, our economy and the environment. 


We support sustainable development in alignment with mana whenua aspirations and in partnership with local iwi, local government and the private sector.

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Our Contributors


Chris Hoffman

Roselee Thurston

Marcel van den Assum

Tim Costley

Katherine Corich

Michael McKeown

Stephen Iorns

Neale Jones and Capital GR

Claire Mance and Talk Communications

Gordon Moller and Moller Architects

Guy Royal

We want to see positive long-term progress in our region, and we know you do too.

Help us shape a better collective future for Kāpiti.
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