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Avionic Innovation

Imagine the Kāpiti region as a leading destination for avionic innovation.

If Kāpiti Airport plays a leading role in the adoption and advancement of e-aviation in New Zealand, the opportunity arises for the airport to become the centrepiece of a tech hub for ongoing innovation.

An avionics tech hub and innovation culture would be a game-changer for our region.


Using our airport as the jumping-off point, our region has the unique opportunity to create a vibrant start-up ecosystem that enables forward-thinkers in aviation tech to come together and advance the future of flight.


Start-up ecosystem…entrepreneurs, universities, angel investors, venture funding, government initiatives…all well established and accelerating partnership with Iwi and business.

A vibrant NZ ecosystem

  • Innovators
    (Airframe, Power-plant, Avionics, Tech)

  • Airways NZ Operations

  • MBIE: Tech Futures & Incubators

  • CAA Enablers

  • Incubators & accelerators (MBIE / Callaghan)

  • Net Zero Council (Industry, Regulators, Innovators)

Avionics Tech Hub

  • Airspace Modernisation Tech

  • SimTech

  • Air Navigation Services

  • DroneTech and Big Data

  • TravelTech

  • Urban Air Mobility

  • Aviation InsureTech

  • Airspace Integration & Electronic Conspicuity​

“We wouldn’t want to imagine Kāpiti with no airport. A vibrant, coastal city that punches above its weight. Leap forward, the world has moved to what today, we call ‘future of flight’; silent, sustainable, electrified urban air mobility that creates jobs and connects New Zealanders to each other and the world. Why would we give up on this chance?"


Let’s create exciting career prospects for our rangatahi in Kāpiti. Let’s put our region on the map as a leader in tech and sustainability. Let's foster a forward-thinking vibrant culture we can be proud of.


  • Majority of net new roles created by innovative startups

  • Retaining our best people within the region

  • Intellectual property

  • Export

  • Incubators & accelerators (MBIE / Callaghan)

  • Higher paid roles

  • Productivity gains for Aotearoa

  • Roles related to impact— environment, energy, aviation, tourism

  • Technology jobs - 90% jobs in Kāpiti are services jobs

Help us shape a better collective future for Kāpiti.
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