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Environmental Value

We must consider environmental outcomes when determining the future of Kāpiti Airport and the surrounding land.

Sustainability, maintaining natural ecosystems and a low carbon footprint are all fundamental to the Kāpiti Air Urban vision.


Our proposed mixed-use development plan would provide Kāpiti with more infrastructure and housing while avoiding development that is detrimental to our natural environment.

Our key environmental considerations:


  • Retain and restore wetlands to provide natural drainage and habitat, scenery and open spaces.

  • Reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the e-mobility movement by actively building electric aviation infrastructure.

  • Build primarily self-sufficient eco accommodation as an attractive, convenient option for air travellers, tourists and long-haul travellers along State Highway 1.

  • Build well-designed walkways and cycleways to enable effective, emissions-free mobility options.

  • Establish landscaped ‘green’ spaces for ecology and community connection to nature.

  • Engage Ngāti Puketapu hapū in the planning process to enable restoration of mana on their ancestral land and incorporation of Mana Whenua principles.

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