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Radio Panel Discussion - December 2023


A conversation to explore the lay of the land. In early December 2023, committee members Marcel van den Assum and Katherine Corich sat down with Coast Access Radio Station Manager Nikki Carroll who quizzed them on all things Kāpiti Airport.

Acknowleding that there has been a lot of information - some correct, and some incorrect - circling around community social media pages, it was fantastic to have the opportunity to dive into the detail, the facts, and the potential.


The conversation covered how the committee members are involved in retaining Kāpiti Airport, what the big picture vision is for the land, the environmental impact of the vision, who's involved in the conversation and who the stakeholders are, clarification of the ownership of the land, the connection to and support for mana whenua, and the potential that exists to create a multi-dimensional community asset providing community growth and connection.


A huge thank you to Coast Access Radio for hosting this conversation, and for inviting us back for further discussion in the future.

Listen to the conversation below.

wk50 Conversations Kapiti Air Urban Group
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